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Breakthrough particle, the ‘Hobbs-Boson’, discovered

LTLF Exclusive by Physics Correspondent, Ian O'Sphere
January 27, 2014
Scientists have discovered a long-theorised but previously unidentified particle that goes some way to explaining the mysteries of the footballing universe.

The Hobbs-Boson is described as a crucial element of quantum physics that allows a footballer to be in two places at once and simultaneously have two contradictory transfer statuses.

Esteemed physicist Prof. Howard Ino told us: “We were starting to doubt the existence of the Hobbs-Boson, but finally our research paid off last week when we noticed that the defender Jack Hobbs was occupying several points in space and time at once.” [...]

Post-Match Poem: Forest v Bristol

by , August 18, 2012
Never mind the bollocks, here’s Sean O’Driscoll! He’s our very own footballing Sex Pistol and if there were doubt, it’s now clear as crystal: he’s as good as Cotterill was abysmal [...]

Time to lay the ghost of Billy to rest

by , August 13, 2012
With reports of chanting for Billy Davies at last week's friendly match against West Brom – only Sean O'Driscoll's second game at the City Ground – Paul Severn says the time is right to move on...