Gued to see you again

July 23, 2012

Now you see, you wouldn’t get quality puns like that on a Wolves site, no doubt one of the many reasons why Adlène Guedioura has returned to Forest on a permanent basis.

Fawaz Al-Hasawi announced the news on Twitter and Cousin Omar joined Sean O’Driscoll to officially unveil the midfielder.

Guedioura was a target before O’Driscoll arrived and was always likely to sign for the Reds if given the chance after the glowing way he spoke about his time here on loan last season.

Still, it’s not a bad bit of work for O’Driscoll’s first day in the office – ‘an early step in the right direction’, as James Bolton puts it on his blog.

O’Driscoll is back, Guedioura is back – now if we could just re-sign Garath McCleary then at least Leeds, if not quite the rest of the Championship, would be worried about our next encounter.