Al-Hasawi takeover: mixed reactions

July 11, 2012

Seat Pitch have teasingly put the champange on ice as they report the official confirmation of the Al-Hasawi takeover, but eighteensixtyfive are understandably cautious, warning: “There will be no gloating here; we don’t know a huge amount about our new owners and I certainly don’t expect us to be the next Manchester City.”

Also of interest is West Ham (a club who know a bit about foreign ownership) blog The Game’s Gone Crazy whose take on events focuses on the Kutwaitis’ decision to buy Forest over Leeds United and the possibility of Neil Warnock being brought in as manager. He also amusingly calls Fawaz Al-Hasawi ‘Big Al’. Could the nickname catch on?

But whatever your take on the Kuwaiti takeover, surely nobody thinks it is a ‘non-event’ as the Nottingham Post’s headline on their vox pop summary suggests?