Back to business

October 19, 2012

That game was nearly three weeks ago but some people are still dwelling on Derby, with Billy Nathan pondering Nigel Clough’s feelings about us on Seat Pitch.

It’s a good article, but here at LTLF we’re ready to move on and forget about that horrible lot down the A52 until January at least. We have, after all, since then got two decent results, the draw against Blackburn and the win away at Peterborough, which took us into the international break in mid-table.

We return to domestic football with Cardiff City visiting the City Ground. They no longer have Dave Jones as manager and we no longer have Chris Gunter, so some of the usual vitriol of this fixture will be reduced, but there will of course be plenty of English-Welsh rivalry to spice things up. Serbians, take note: hurling abuse at people because of the colour of their skin is not on, but mocking people because of where they live is perfectly acceptable in modern football.

On the pitch it’s going to be a tough game, with Cardiff top of the league and our goal-scoring problems well documented. But the Through the Seasons Before Us blogger is hoping for a decent game after some of the ‘agricultural visitors’ we’ve seen at the City Ground recently. It seems unlikely considering their squad and recent form, but a win against Cardiff would certainly help put the memories of defeat to a certain other team from sheepy lands out of our minds.