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He is the Resurrection

by , February 21, 2013
So Forest got their Billy back twenty months after He was sacked as once again when in the mire we called upon our wee Messiah [...]

Al-Hasawis in danger of turning Forest into a joke

by , February 15, 2013
You don’t have to go back to 1980 to find out why Forest have been well-regarded in the football world, says David Hughes. In fact even in recent years the club’s reputation was for doing things the right way. But under the new owners, all that has changed...

Billy is better than Cloughie

by , February 13, 2013
‘Forest Legend’ Billy Davies has filled the chair left vacant after Sean O’Driscoll’s short run as manager. If only, says Red Ted, we’d been able to make the same change back in 1976...