Al-Hasawi finally finds investor daft enough to buy Forest!

LTLF Exclusive by Takeover Correspondent, Des Parrot-Tousell
October 16, 2016

Fawaz and Fawaz

Nottingham Forest owner and chairman Fawaz Al-Hasawi has announced that his long search for a party willing to take control of the club has ended.

The Kuwaiti is believed to have been actively seeking a buyer for the past year and has been in talks with consortiums from Asia, Greece and the USA.

However, having scoured the globe for someone willing to take over the club in its current state, Mr Al-Hasawi has finally found the perfect candidate: himself.

In a statement to the press (also known as a series of ill-considered tweets), Mr Al-Hasawi said: “It has become clear in recent months that the only person crazy enough to try and sort out the mess I have created is me.

“I have explored many alternative opportunities to find someone willing to buy the club from me, but having had doors slammed in my face and people hang up the phone in hysterics for the best part of a year, I decided to look closer to home. In my home, in fact.

“Having previously carried out several tough negotiations between me and myself over shirt sponsorship deals, I knew agreeing a deal between the two parties wouldn’t be easy. But I’m confident I have done the right thing for the club and I know that I agree with myself too.”

In order to ease the transition, Mr Al-Hasawi will stay on as chairman and retain a 20% stake in the club. Mr Al-Hasawi will buy out the remaining 80% for an undisclosed sum and assume executive control of NFFC Group Holdings Ltd.

Mr Al-Hasawi added: “At times it was difficult to keep the deal secret, but I was always confident that I would agree a mutually beneficial arrangement with myself.

“My only concern is that I have a reputation for not paying bills on time, so having sold the club to myself I am anxious to make sure I actually receive my money.”

In a separate series of tweets, Mr Al-Hasawi introduced himself to supporters and promised they could look forward to an exciting era under the new ownership.

While the ink dries on Mr Al-Hasawi’s contract with himself, the only formality left to complete before the takeover becomes final is the FA’s notorious fit and proper multiple personalities test.

Reacting to the news on Twitter, one Forest supporter commented: “I was firmly in the ‘anyone but Fawaz’ camp so I welcome Mr Al-Hasawi to the club. He can’t do any worse than the last bloke, can he?”