Paul Taylor granted asylum by Notts County

LTLF Exclusive by Andy Mover
August 16, 2012

Paul Taylor, founder of the controversial website, has been granted asylum by Notts County after several months refuge at Meadow Lane.

Nottingham Forest have obtained an arrest warrant for the journalist who they allege has been responsible for leaking spurious stories about the club.

Forest believe it was Taylor who told the world the Kuwaiti Al-Hasawi family would not be taking over the club and that Steve Cotterill would be allowed to continue in his role as manager.

A Forest spokesman said: ‘Mr Taylor has a legal obligation to give himself up and explain why he has published such utter rubbish about the club. He is a dangerous individual and must be brought to justice before he can spread any more misinformation.’

But Notts County have said they will not give into political pressure from Forest and called their decision to grant asylum ‘a gesture of support for ill-informed journalists everywhere’.

Mr Taylor has yet to make a statement but effectively confirmed his presence at Meadow Lane by saying the exact opposite on Twitter.

Meanwhile protests are being staged in support of Mr Taylor’s plight outside the ground by his loyal readers, but police are planning to ask the three people involved to vacate the area and return to their mental health ward as soon as possible.