Operation: Destroy Midlands Football

LTLF Exclusive
January 8, 2013

To: Agent M

Just thought I’d congratulate you on your excellent work so far, M. Great job in Birmingham at both clubs. Agent L is continuing your fine job, but probably a degree more subtlety needed as cover nearly blown recently.

Delighted to see JG back from his mission in the north. You really need a pretext to get GB back as well. A few Scots in their mid thirties with dodgy knees would be useful.

Need to get rid of AR, SC, LC and AG asap. They could ruin plans. Good early work on DB. I hear he’s being sent north as well.

My apologies for not bringing you in sooner. You were meant to follow Agent Brolly, who did such an excellent job, but timing not quite right.

Agent IQ0 parachuted into Wolverhampton yesterday, so news good there.

If you are successful in your mission, Derby awaits. Have been trying to get agent there for years but they prove stubbornly resistant.

Good luck, M. Await further instructions.

[Transmission intercepted by Nigel Ingram]