New hunting sensation: beloved stag shot by fridge salesman!

LTLF Exclusive by Hunting Correspondent, Will deBeest
August 2, 2015

Just days after an American dentist became the most hated man in the world for shooting Cecil the lion, a Kuwaiti hunter has challenged Walter Palmer for supremacy in the stupidity stakes.

UK-based fridge salesman Fawaz Al-Hasawi has attracted the wrath of the internet’s self-righteous masses after he posted an Instagram photo of himself with the corpse of a stag named Stuart.

Stuart was a popular figure in England, particularly in the province of Nottingham, though he was little known internationally until Mr Al-Hasawi shot him in the back.

Nonetheless, ‘Stuart the Stag’ has already become an internet sensation, with the hashtags #prayforstuart, #whyohwhyohwhy and #ivegotthehornforthestag trending on Twitter.

Mr Al-Hasawi, who also works as a “Dev from Coronation Street” impersonator, has so far been unavailable for comment.

Since 2012, Fawaz Al-Hasawi’s wealth from the refrigeration business has funded many hunting expeditions in the UK.

As well as Stuart the Stag, Mr Al-Hasawi is also believed to be responsible for the demise of a former ram named Billy.

Local hunting guide Dan Gerous told LTLF: “This Fawaz guy, he is real crazy. He just shoots things left, right and centre without thinking. He killed a donkey named Steve and then an old goat called Sean on his first hunt before we had even left the ranch.”

Meanwhile, a friend of Mr Al-Hasawi said: “We’re all quite shocked. All we can do is pray for the dumb beast. And after we’ve prayed for Fawaz, we’ll spare a thought for the stag he shot too.”